Sandblaster (Metal)

posted on 21 Nov 2022 · · Sandblasting

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Working hours: 730am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
730am - 1pm (Saturday)

Job descriptions:
- Manually abrades surfaces of metal or hard composition objects to remove adhering scale, grease, tar, rust and dirt, and to impart specified finish, while using sandblasting equipment
- Paint surfaces with coatings, paints, using brushes, spray guns and rollers to the appropriate MIL-STD requirements
- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved lead paint removal certification
- Operation and maintenance of sand blast equipment to achieve various anchor profiles
- Operate hand sanding machines
- Completing heavy body repair
- Frame machines operation
- Commercial / fleet painting
- Preparing sandblasting bays, chambers, portable units, booths or open areas and operating controls to blast a variety of metal and non-metal surfaces